Access English Micro Scholarship Program

Access English Micro Scholarship Program is a two year program for 13 yrs and above belonging to the underprivileged section of the society for the developing the proficiency in English language speaking skills.

In Gujarat, the Access English Program is carried out by Pratham since 2011 and the program has completed two cycles with interested local schools. The program is for children of the economic weaker sections. The new program is being launched from August 2014 and will be conducted at eight centres in Ahmedabad

The overall objectives of Access English Program are to develop English Skills, enabling students to pursue higher studies and better employment opportunities. The program is run by the Bureau of Cultural Affairs, U.S.A., and in India, the program is carried out by Regional English Language Office (RELO) US Embassy, New Delhi

Two hundred children are covered in this program. Teachers take classes in schools, thrice a week. The program is for 360 contact hours, spread over a period of two years. In addition students are taken to different institutes like Science City, CEE for an exposure and learning, Diverse teaching learning methods which are mainly interactive encourages children to use the language and gain confidence. Pratham envisages delivering learning through systematic method of teaching and through new projects and methodologies, work for children in the urban communities and rural areas to get advantage of this program.

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